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Highway Bridges

Safety at Lightspeed

Patented Rear-End Deterrent System


Brake Star connects to your existing center (Third) brake light. When brakes are applied, pulses it with a unique pattern designed to grab the attention of following drivers.

Instead of pulsing on every application during stop and go traffic, there is a 5 second delay between applications before it pulses. This maximizes the device's effectiveness by preventing overuse.

The most unique part of Brake Star is it's seamless integration using OEM specific connectors to connect to your vehicle. The competition cuts and splices wires, our device just plugs in.


  Standout in a Crowd 

About Brake Star

Brake Star modulates the intensity of the center high-mounted brake light, for a more effective brake warning to approaching drivers. Our product offers a unique installation feature that is unlike anything on the market. Our product does not require wires to be cut for installation, it simply uses the OEM vehicle connectors and you guessed it, plugs in. Most installations can be completed in under a minute with properly trained technicians. 


What People are Saying About Brake Star

“The device is simple and easy to install, our customers love it and it adds profit to our dealership what more could you ask for?”

Glen Edwards

"It grabs the attention fo drivers behind me! I can see it work every day."

Mary Taylor

“A total game changer for the car industry, both for safety and dealership sales.”

David Pierce

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