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About Brake Star

Brake Star is a revolutionary new product for both dealers and vehicle consumers. It is a device that grabs the attention of distracted drivers, helping to prevent rear end collisions. It is specifically designed for your vehicle and uses OEM connectors for seamless integration!


Distracted driving caused 324,652 injuries and 3,142 fatalities in 2020. That number continues to grow as technology continues compete for more of our attention.

Seconds Count

It takes a car one second to travel 88ft while moving at 60mph. If you could give the person behind you an extra second to stop, it could mean all the difference.


In a study done by the NHTSA, there was a 69% increase in the attention grabbing ability of a flashing 3rd brake light. 

Sports Car in Storm

Pulse Pattern

Brake Star connects to your existing center (Third) brake light. When brakes are applied, pulses it with a unique pattern designed to grab the attention of following drivers.


Lockout Timer

Instead of pulsing on every application during stop and go traffic, there is a 5 second delay between applications before it pulses again. This maximizes the device's effectiveness by preventing overuse.


No Wires Cut

The most unique part of Brake Star is it's seamless integration using OEM specific connectors to connect to your vehicle. The competition cuts and splices wires, our device just plugs in.

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