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Frequently Asked Questions

Here is a list of questions we commonly receive. If you have additional questions, please fill out the form below, or e-mail us at or call 1-888-272-5394.

What is Brake Star?

Brake Star is a device that plugs into your vehicle and pulses your existing Center Hight Mounted Stop Lamp (3rd Brake Light). The pattern is pulsed and the light goes solid after the sequence is complete. This has been shown in an NHTSA study to increase the altertness of a following driver up to 50%.

Will Brake Star Work with LEDs?

Brake Star is customized for your vehicle, and is designed to work with both LED and incandescent (Bulbs) lights.

Will it Affect my Warranty?

Brake Star uses OEM vehicle connectors and is customized to fit your specific car. It is integrated seamlessly with your car's electronics and does not affect your warranty.  No wires cut!

What if it Malfunctions?

Our quality control is held to very high standards, each unit is tested for functionality before it is installed on your vehicle. In the unlikely event a unit fails, your 3rd brake light will go back to operating normally. 

Does Brake Star affect the braking system?

Brake Star only pulses the 3rd brake light, it not possible for it to interact with any other system in the vehicle, including your vehicle's braking system.

Does Brake Star Have a Warranty

Yes, Brake Star has a 5 year limited replacement warranty. 

Where Can Brake Star be Purchased?

Brake Star can only be purchased through an authorized dealership.

Can I install Brake Star Myself?

Our product is very easy to install or remove on most vehicles. However, we highly recommend it be installed at an authorized Brake Star dealership to maintain quality standards.

Is Brake Star Effective?

Devices that pulse have been shown in an NHTSA study to increase the alertness of a following driver up to 50%. If a driver behind you has even 1 extra second to stop, at 60mph that is 88ft. One second could mean all the difference.

How Big is it and Where is it Installed?

The device is not much larger than a thumb drive, and generally is connected  just below the CHMSL (3rd Brake Light).

There are Other units Online, are They The Same as Brake Star?

There are many discounted devices online that will cause your CHMSL to blink. The device must pulse, not blink in order to be compliant with DOT regulations. The units found online, also require cutting and splicing wires into your vehicles wiring harness, Brake Plus simply plugs in. By doing this, it avoids violating your vehicle's warranty.

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